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VaporDNA offers a selection of everything from replacement pods and coils, to batteries and chargers, and everything in between!
Model: ew7jw7dm
AAA Vape Savor Replacement PodsAAA Vape Savor Replacement Pods are designed for the slim and streamline AAA Vape Savor Pod System. Each 1.4 ohm and 1.0 ohm pod is compatible with salt nicotine e-liquids. Re-fillable through a silicone tab located on the side of the pod with a maximum juice capacity ..
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Model: 8395wqjy
Acrohm FUSH Nano Replacement PodAcrohm FUSH Nano Replacement Pods are designed specifically for the Acrohm FUSH Nano Pod System. These simple pods offer a smooth vaping experience with a 1.4 ohm coil for MTL vapers. With a 1.5ml capacity and top fill system users can easily refill their pods with th..
Ex Tax:$14.95
Model: 7amnaar2
ADVKEN Manta Mesh Replacement CoilPlease select your resistance from the drop down menu. The ADVKEN Manta Mesh Replacement Coil five (5) replacement coil units; Each Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank replacement coils are rated at 0.16 ohm, capable of 60 to 80W and 0.2 ohm, capable of 50 to 70W. Internally t..
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Model: 2g1857rh
Ald Amaze Lemon Replacement CartridgeThis listing is for one Ald Amaze Lemon Replacement Cartridge.The Ald Amaze Lemon replacement pod system utilizes a Dual Ceramic Coil (DCC), rated at 1.8 ohm, ensuring that each use will be the purest flavor without the fear of burning coils. Located on the side ..
Ex Tax:$10.99
Model: fnnbsxf6
Alur SLIK Replacement CartridgeThis listing is for Two Alur SLIK Replacement Cartridge.The Alur SLIK Replacement Cartridge is the proprietary cartridge for the Alur SLIK. It has a juice capacity of 2ml and an atomizer resistance of 1.5 ohm. These replacement magnetic cartridge are designed for MTL s..
Ex Tax:$12.99
Model: jcvr35nw
Ample Mace-X ADC Replacement Coil PackThe Ample Mace-X ADC Replacement Coil is for the Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank. The ADC (Ample Disc Coil) Coil Family that features a unique stove top style coil system. These coils are have an atomizer resistance of 0.27 ohm and have a recommended wattage output of..
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Model: rqrgvbwk
Artery Nugget GT 510 AdapterArtery Nugget GT 510 Adapter is designed for the Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod System. Featuring a click-in place install and a gold plated connection. Each adapter can accompany up to a 30mm atomizer and pairs flawlessly with the device. Available in a pack of one. (1) Produc..
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Model: hs3g8dph
Artery Nugget GT Replacement CoilsArtery Nugget GT Replacement Coils are designed for the Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod System. Available in two variations, the 0.4 ohm XP Coil and the 0.15 ohm XP Coil. These coils are designed specifically for the Nugget GT Starter Kit and deliver smooth and flavorful v..
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Model: 5bs3y2px
Artery Nugget GT Replacement PodArtery Nugget GT Replacement Pods are designed for the Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod System. Each pod can accompany 8ml of e-juice and can be refilled through the base by removing a single silicone plug. Compatible with the Artery Nugget GT Replacement Coils and the Nugget..
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Model: nz1cw696
Artery PAL SE Replacement PodsThe Artery PAL SE Replacement Pods are designed specifically for the Artery PAL SE 20W Pod System. Each Pod contains a choice of either a 1.0 ohm coil, 1.4 ohm coil or a 1.2ohm coil. The coils included are not interchangeable but due to this feature the pods themselves ..
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Model: cuwsl4md
Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement CoilThis listing is for Five (5) Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement Coil.The Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 replacement coils are to be used with the Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement Pod. The PAL 2 uses two types of coils, a 1.2 ohm coil head ..
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Model: gwg5y15h
Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement PodThis listing is for One (1) Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement Pod.The Artery PAL 2 Replacement Cartridge is the proprietary cartridge that has a juice capacity of 3ml. Juice enters the PAL 2 through a silicone stopper located on the middle of the ..
Ex Tax:$16.99
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