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Building Essentials

All of the essential tools one may need to build their own coils for rebuildable atomizers, including: wire cutters, tweezers, coil jigs, Ohm meters, and more.
Model: c6x7dwpo
Coil Master 521 Tab Mini V2 Ohm MeterThe Coil Master 521 Tab Mini V2 is the new streamlined and compact edition of the trendsetting 521 Tab Elite, combining Coil Master's world class precision ohm metering technology that utilizes a heavy duty 510 connection and a bright easily visible screen. Featu..
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Model: 8ae0lkss
Coil Master Full Sized Building MatThe Coil Master Full Sized Building Mat is the ultimate desk and workstation solution that features a large surface working surface area that allows users to effectively protect and organize their working surfaces. Featuring an anti slip backing, the Coil Master Bu..
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Model: 9mr6q42h
Coil Master Ceramic TweezersThe Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers are non-conductive and heat resistant tweezers with replaceable ceramic tips used for compressing and adjusting coils. The ceramic tip on the Coil Master Tweezers are heat resistant up to 1600°C and are secured via two Phillips screws.Prod..
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Model: txn2ua10
Coil Master Coiling Kit V4Coil Master introduces the updated Coiling Kit V4, which contains a base coiling jig, one silicone holder, six coiling poles, three jig covers, one allen key screw driver, all stored in a Coil Master bag. The changes for this version are the addition of the silicone holder ..
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Model: 5u00uecl
Coil Master DIY Kit MiniCoil Master introduces their DIY Kit Mini, a smaller and more simplistic version of their larger DIY kits with most of the immediate and necessary tools required for building. The Coil Master DIY Kit Mini includes mini diagonal pliers, stainless steel folding scissors, mini p..
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Model: b6qt5314
Coil Master DIY Kit Mini V2Coil Master introduces their DIY Kit Mini V2, an upgrade version of their DIY Kit Mini. The DIY case is made from ABS material which has the advantage of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. All tools are made of high-quality metals and high temperature-re..
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Model: 6xn6ep99
Coil Master Multifunctional Ceramic TweezersThe Coil Master Multifunctional Ceramic Tweezers establishes itself as one of the most affordable, multifunctional tools today, integrating a sturdy and precise ceramic tweezers set alongside a knurled base grip that allows users to easily clamp and remove..
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Model: ubidxmxd
Coil Master Skynet Prebuilt Coils - 8 in 1Coil Master introduces their prebuilt coils, now collectively in one set with their Skynet coil case. The Coil Master Skynet contains 3 pairs (6 individual coils) of the below mentioned coils (totaling 48pcs).Please Note: The pictures per style showcase the ..
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Model: 5zh1a5tc
GeekVape 521 Tab Mini Ohm MeterThe GeekVape 521 Tab Mini Ohm Meter is the smaller, more sophisticated version of the GeekVape 521 Tab, featuring a single 18650 battery powered ohm meter that now can be charged via an integrated USB Port, ohm metering range of 0.01 to 9.9 ohms, and the capability to ..
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Model: 5j3islyy
GeekVape Essential Mini Tool KitThe GeekVape Essential Tool Kit is a compact and afford set of essential tools for users. Included in the tool kit are diagonal pliers, needle nose pliers, folding scissors, a 2.5mm Phillips screwdriver, a 2.5mm Flathead screwdriver, ceramic tweezers, and a Geekvape c..
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Model: d28i957m
The Custom Edge - High-Precision Screwdriver Tool SetThe Custom Edge High-Precision Screwdriver Set is a convenient, durable, and compact kit that features twenty five quality drivers ranging from five flatheads, four Phillips, and 10 Torx head, two five-star driver, one triangle driver, one Y screw..
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Model: zjsu46f9
UD Builder's Choice Six Piece Screwdriver SetThe UD Builder's Choice Six Piece Screwdriver Set is a convenient, durable, and compact kit that features six quality drivers ranging from three flatheads, two Phillips, and one Torx head. Each screwdriver features a rubberized handle with a free spinning..
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