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Alternative Accessories

VaporDNA offers a a selection of alternative accessories like replacement bubblers, replacement coils, mouthpieces and more!
Model: hcumfzb8
Dabado Apollo Bolt Replacement GlassThe Dabado Apollo Bolt Replacement Glass is a Pyrex glass replacement compatible with the Dabado Bolt Pro 2, Bolt Pro, Bolt 2, Bolt, Bolt M, and Bolt M Pro.Please Note: This device is designed for dry herb and herbal concentrates. It is not intended to be used wit..
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Model: 27jg50iv
Dazzvape Concentrate AtomizerThe Dazzvape Atomizer is a concentrate cartridge and features a ceramic heating element, polycarbonate housing, and a disposable design. The Dazzvape Atomizer features a flavorful vapor with large clouds due to the ceramic housing and triple intake slots. This atomizer i..
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Model: x9snk8if
Exxus EX3 Oil CartridgeThe Exxus EX3 Oil Cartridge can accommodate either 1ml of E-Liquid or Herbal Concentrate. The Construction of the EX3 is a stainless steel core with a glass chamber body. The EX3 features a straightforward design along with a ceramic coil heating chamber, making this product p..
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Model: wixdqhd4
Exxus Go Hydro TubeThe Exuss Go Hydro Tube Adapter pairs with the Exxus Go Vaporizer. The Exxus Go Hydro Tube facilitates water filtration for the Exxus Go resulting in a smoother and cooler vaping experience. The Exxus Go Hydro Tube is fashioned from high quality quartz material that exceeds high e..
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Model: b67mz7ob
Huni Badger Case Foam Insert UpgradeThe Huni Badger Case Foam Insert Upgrade replaces and expands the current configuration of the Huni Badger hard case. With the added slots, users can now fit a HuniGuide or HuniBird bubbler, an additional two HuniPots, and an extra slot for a spare HuniTip.Product..
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Model: kuwoxtx5
Huni Badger High Temp HunitipThe Huni Badger High Temp Hunitip is a replacement heating element for the Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer. The High Temp Hunitip provides a rapid heat up time and produces an immense amount of vapor, which many users find enjoyable. The High Temp Hunitip can melt and vap..
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Model: ulda2tbn
Linx Ares Replacement Ceramic RodThe Linx Ares Replacement Rod is a unique coil-less ceramic rod, meant for the Linx Ares Honey Straw Vaporizer Pen. Please Note: This coil is designed for herbal concentrates and is not intended to be used with any other media.Product SpecificationsCoil-Less Atomizer..
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Model: 7q40rgfn
Linx Gaia Water Pipe AdapterThe Linx Gaia Water Pipe Adapter pairs with the Linx Gaia Vaporizer. The Linx Gaia water pipe adapter is the male adapter that fits 14mm and 18mm glass. To use the adapter, users must detach the Gaia mouthpiece, screw the adapter onto the Gaia and connect the water pipe (..
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Model: vihml72n
Linx Glass MouthpieceThe Linx Glass Mouthpiece is spare mouthpiece that's compatible with the Linx Hypnos Zero and the Linx Ares Atomizers.Product SpecificationsStainless Steel and Glass Construction5mm BoreThreaded  Check It See More Details yftk flash e vapor v4 5s style rta 4 5ml 23mm Description..
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Model: im1ctau3
Linx Hypnos Replacement AtomizerPlease select your quantity and type from the drop down menu. The Linx Hypnos replacement Atomizers come in two forms, the Dio Atomizer, a duo quartz dual coil replacement atomizer and a Ceramic Atomizer. The Dio Atomizer is crafted with Quartz instead of traditional ..
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Model: 2wkltof2
Locking VaporVaultz PouchCompatible Items Sold Separately The Locking VaporVaultz Pouch by Vaultz is a carrying pouch with a combination lock; Specifically designed for safe and convenient storage and transportation of various alternative products (sold separately). The Locking VaporVaultz Pouch fea..
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Model: a46dhi21
M6T CCELL Concentrate AtomizerThe M6T CCELL Concentrate Atomizer is a unique CCELL Cartridges and features a ceramic heating element, polycarbonate housing, and a disposable design. The M6T features a flavorful vapor with large clouds. This atomizer is best used with the PALM CCELL Concentrate Vapor..
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