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GeekVape specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality electronic cigarette, such as the Aegis Legend, Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank, and Ammit MTL RDA.
Model: f4lvwzy7
GeekVape Aegis 20W Pod System GeekVape presents the Aegis, a newly designed pod system for those that desire a tough, yet portable pod system. The GeekVape Aegis pod system features a USB Type-C charging port, replacement pods designed for salt nicotine, a large 800mAh battery capacity, and an IP67 ..
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Model: 361ehj7j
GeekVape Aegis Boost Replacement CoilThe GeekVape Aegis Boost Replacement coils are designed for the GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod System. Each one securely fits within the devices pod and features a friction fit o-ring system. Each of the coil options are designed with flavor in mind both utilizing a me..
Ex Tax:$18.95
Model: 82magsh0
GeekVape Aegis Replacement PodsGeekVape Aegis Replacement Pods are designed for the compact Aegis Pod System. Featuring a 3.5ml salt nicotine e-juice capacity. The GeekVape Aegis Replacement Pod securely fits atop the device and protrudes enough for a comfortable draw. This system features a wide wh..
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Model: t5xui0hl
GeekVape Bident Replacement PodsThe GeekVape Bident Replacement Pod is for the new and compact GeekVape Bident Pod System. These replacement pods have a 3.5ml e-liquid capacity and a friction fit base, for simple plug-and-play use. There are two variants to choose from; first off is the Bident Pod B..
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Model: bekc0sux
Geekvape Frenzy Replacement PodThis listing is for one (1) Geekvape Frenzy Replacement Pod.The Geekvape Frenzy Replacement Pod is designed specifically for the Geekvape Frenzy Pod System. Offered in one pod variation, a 0.7 NS Mesh Coil will be pre-installed within the Frenzy Pod, while a 1.2 ohm NS..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Model: 1u0senxc
GeekVape G-Coil Replacement CoilsGeekVape G-Coils are designed for the GeekVape Aegis Pod System. Each coil is designed with flavor in mind and contains mesh coils for salt nicotine e-liquids. Not only do the G-Coil Replacement Coils offer strong flavor but smooth airflow for an exquisite all day va..
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Model: tqeejw1u
GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement CoilPlease select your resistance from the drop down menu. The GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coil are available in three (3) replacement coils per box. These coils utilize mesh heating technology and medical grade, organic Egyptian cotton. These replacement coils a..
Ex Tax:$21.99
Model: h6m9ypzf
GeekVape Super Mesh Replacement CoilsThe GeekVape Super Mesh Replacement Coils are replacement coils for the Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank. The Super Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank utilizes the X Coil Family, consisting of the X1, a 0.2 ohm KA1 mesh coil head rated at 30 to 90 (best at 60 to 80W), and the X2, a 0.3 ohm ..
Ex Tax:$18.99
Model: zqzu0fi5
GeekVape Zeus Mesh Sub-Ohm TankGeekVape introduces the Zeus Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank which features mesh coils, top adjustable airflow and a 5ml e-liquid capacity. This tank also features GeekVape's clean fit and finish users have come to expect. While most modern sub-ohm tanks utilize a bottom set airflow..
Ex Tax:$39.95
Model: 2gijn041
GeekVape Zeus X Mesh Build DeckThe GeekVape Zeus X Mesh Build Deck is designed for the GeekVape Zeus X and Zeus X Mesh RTA's. This building platform has the versatility to accommodate most mesh replacement strip configurations on its raised, dual terminal build deck. Each terminal includes a side mo..
Ex Tax:$25.99
Model: qfl967bf
GeekVape Zeus X Micro Mesh Sheet CoilThe GeekVape Zeus X Micro Mesh Sheet Coil is designed for the GeekVape Zeus X Mesh Build Deck and Zeus X Mesh RTA. Each Pack of mesh strips will come with two strips and two cotton strips. Available in two variations, a 0.2 ohm mesh strip and a 0.17 ohm mesh stri..
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