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SMOKTech is a leading brand in the vaping industry, providing state-of-the-art e-cigarettes and related equipment. SMOK is known for quality products!
Model: 1v6kgcsu
SMOK Alike Replacement PodsSMOK Alike Replacement Pods are designed for the Alike 40W Pod System, Each Pod utilizes Mesh coils for salt nicotine, and a large 5.5ml e-liquid capacity. The SMOK Alike Replacement Pod does not protrude completely out of the device. This system allows the Alike to sit co..
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Model: qae6pigr
Smok Alternative Series Micare Cartridge DeviceSmok Micare Cartridge Device features pre-heat control, 700mAh battery and a adjustable voltage. The device is designed for users that enjoy distillate cartridges. This compact and portable device features voltage based output and can be changed by a si..
Ex Tax:$34.99
Model: p8kxgz0m
SMOK Fetch Pro Replacement PodsSMOK Fetch Pro Replacement Pods are designed to be used with the SMOK Fetch Pro Pod System. Featuring Removable Mesh coils for salt nicotine and a 4ml e-liquid capacity.Moving forward, the SMOK RPM Replacement Pod with an included SMOK RPM Replacement Coil, does not pr..
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Model: p8b6vryn
SMOK Fit Replacement CartridgeThis listing is for three (3) SMOK Fit Replacement Cartridge.The SMOK Fit Replacement Cartridge is for the elegant stick style vaporizer. With a 2ml capacity and a resistance rating of 1.4 ohm. These replacement magnetic cartridge are designed for MTL style vaping, resp..
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Model: nmo6knim
SMOK Infinix Replacement CartridgeThis listing is for three (3) SMOK Infinix Replacement Cartridge.The SMOK Infinix Replacement Cartridge is for the sleek, discreet, and pen style vaporizer. With a 2ml capacity and a resistance rating of 1.4 ohm. These replacement magnetic cartridge are designed for..
Ex Tax:$11.99
Model: fj7svinr
SMOK Micare Replacement CartridgeThe SMOK Micare Replacement Cartridge is for the compact SMOK Micare Alternative Vaporizer. These replacement cartridges have a maximum 1ml capacity and a threaded magnetic base, for simple plug-and-play use. There are two variants to choose from; first off is the T1..
Ex Tax:$9.95
Model: 7mwu9i5i
SMOK Mico Pod SystemDue to the nature of this sale, all sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be accepted. Store Credit may be permitted if item is defective on arrival.SMOK presents the Mico Pod System, a draw activated pod system with direct voltage output and 700mAh. The Mico uses a pr..
Ex Tax:$35.99
Model: 6sg889r7
SMOK Mico Replacement CartridgeThis listing is for three (3) Smok Mico Ultra Portable Starter Kit Replacement Cartridge.The SMOK Mico Replacement Cartridges are for the unique, discreet Mico  vaporizer. These replacement pods have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a magnetic base, for simple plug-and-play..
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Model: 2p6k28q9
SMOK Nfix 25W Pod SystemThe SMOK Nfix Pod System is a reiteration of the best selling FIT device featuring a compact design and smooth air draw. This draw activated system has a 3ml salt nicotine e-liquid capacity, a 700mAh battery life and a simple plug and play system made for extreme user conveni..
Ex Tax:$34.99
Model: ue4luwfi
SMOK Nord 2 Replacement PodsThe SMOK Nord 2 Replacement Pod Pack is designed for the SMOK Nord 2 Pod System and come in two types: one designed for SMOK Nord Coils and the other is designed for RPM Coils. These pods allow users to customize their devices with their preferred coil preference. In turn..
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Model: fdpreblj
SMOK Nord Pod SystemSMOK's new Nord Pod System is a redesigned button activated device with an upgraded 1100 mAh battery, and redesigned drip tip and replacement pod style. The Nord allows for a variety of replacement coils installed on the new duck-billed pod system.The new SMOK Nord can be fired a..
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Model: l95qxxmy
SMOK Nord Replacement CartridgeThis listing is for the SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Starter Kit Replacement Pod.The SMOK Nord Replacement Cartridge features a 3ml e-liquid capacity pod and comes with a 0.6 ohm Mesh DL coil and a 1.4 ohm Regular MTL coil. Smok Nord replacement pods are side filled and is..
Ex Tax:$19.99
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