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The latest technology in Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizers are here! Shop from brands like Mig Vapor, Dr. Dabber, DAVINCI, Yocan, Linx, and more!
Model: iiafxiua
CCELL Silo Concentrate VaporizerThe CCELL Silo Concentrate Vaporizer is a stylish yet portable device that brings a minimalist design into the concentrate vaporizer market. The Silo Concentrate is designed for CCELL Cartridges (sold separately) and features a draw activated system. The Silo features..
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Model: kvgelm34
DAZZVAPE Daze One Oil VaporizerDAZZVAPE introduces the Daze One a compact, portable concentrate vaporizer featuring a 550mAh integrated battery, single fire button and adjustable voltage output. The Daze One uses a single LED light indicator to show battery level and voltage output. Clicking the fir..
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Model: 4h5c6k0p
DAZZVAPE U-Key Concentrate VaporizerThe DAZZVAPE U-Key Concentrate Vaporizer is an ultra compact concentrate vaporizer with single button operation, internal 350 mAh battery, and direct voltage output. The U-Key will operate at the highest available voltage based on current battery life. The current..
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Model: mzcc9oth
iMini 2 Concentrate VaporizerThe iMini 2 Herbal concentrate Vaporizer is a single button activated device that features three variable output settings. The iMini is the definition of a compact device, with the dimensions of 48mm by 30mm by 16mm. The iMini 2 is operated with a single button, located ..
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Model: n1jbnudv
Mig Vapor Herb-e OVPThe Herb-e OVP by Mig Vapor is a compact battery for use with pre-filled 510 cartridges with three power output settings, and a 650 mAh battery capacity. All of the OVP's functions can be accessed with a single button. Five clicks on the OVP turns it on and off, three clicks adju..
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Model: 3791hzmi
Mythology eCloud Hades Cartridge Box ModMythology eCloud presents the Hades Cartridge Box Mod, a concentrate vaporizer compatible with 510 threaded cartridges. Each Hades comes with a magnetic thread adapter required for use. The Hades has a cartridge slot that accommodates up to a 12mm cartridge an..
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Model: bj1xy2wv
Mythology IXION Concentrate AtomizerThe Mythology eCloud IXION Concentrate Atomizer is a 510 threaded concentrate atomizer that uses a wrapped dual quartz coil heating element. Six o-rings seal the glass segment of this atomizer, while a ceramic drip tip with a mesh layer covers the top of the upper..
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Model: zos6jkip
Smok Alternative Series Micare Cartridge DeviceSmok Micare Cartridge Device features pre-heat control, 700mAh battery and a adjustable voltage. The device is designed for users that enjoy distillate cartridges. This compact and portable device features voltage based output and can be changed by a si..
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Model: 03uyt47a
SMOK Micare Replacement CartridgeThe SMOK Micare Replacement Cartridge is for the compact SMOK Micare Alternative Vaporizer. These replacement cartridges have a maximum 1ml capacity and a threaded magnetic base, for simple plug-and-play use. There are two variants to choose from; first off is the T1..
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Model: fouv0frz
TH210 CCELL 1.0ml Concentrate AtomizerThe TH210 CCELL Concentrate Atomizer is a unique CCELL Cartridges and features a ceramic heating element, glass housing, and screwed-in ceramic mouthpiece. The TH210 features a flavorful vapor with large clouds. This atomizer is best used with the PALM CCELL Con..
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Model: 0ndg19ld
VAPMOD Dragoo Portable VaporizerThe VAPMOD Dragoo Concentrate Vaporizer is a compact device that add style to the ever growing market segment, bringing unique, yet visually appealing designs to the portable concentrate market. The Dragoo is capable of heating 510 threaded cartridges and features a m..
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Model: w7u7oxs6
VAPMOD Magic 710 Herbal Concentrate VaporizerVapmod presents the Magic 710 Herbal Concentrate Vaporizer, a discreet battery for 510 threaded herbal concentrate cartridges. It features an M7 magnetic adapter, 380mAh battery, and a constant 3.5V output. The Magic 710 utilizes a button free, draw-activ..
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