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E-liquid Accessories

VaporDNA has a great selection of e-liquid accessories like squonk bottles, genuine HUSKY and Gorilla unicorn bottles, refill bottles, and more!
Model: xuwbd2wf
Boxer 30ml Super Soft Refill BottleThe Boxer 30ml Super Soft Refill Bottle is a 30ml food grade silicone bottle that stores e-liquid and primarily used for squonk devices. Squonk bottles can be easily refilled by taking off the atomizer and replacing it with the 30ml refill. The refill bottle utiliz..
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Model: 4ls4gsda
Gorilla Unicorn Refillable E-Juice BottlePlease choose size from drop down menu.Introducing the Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Refillable E-Juice Bottle available in 30ml and 60ml E-Juice capacity! Extra thick walls make the Unicorn Bottle extra sturdy, which features a removable needle nose tip that can be..
Ex Tax:$2.99
Model: 0hdmayev
GeekVape Flask Liquid Dispenser - 30mlThe GeekVape Flask Liquid Dispenser is a high grade Stainless Steel 30ml Juice Bottle that is completely versatile with its multi-functional form factor. Inside the GeekVape Flask is a 30 milliliter capacity silicone bottle, the GeekVape Flask can be filled via ..
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Model: q57mrw6c
Rave Mini Replacement Squonk Bottle - 4mlThe Rave Mini Replacement Squonk Bottle is a 4ml food grade silicone bottle. This Squonk Bottle is meant for the Stimy Vapor x 67 Mod Rave Mini 18350 Squonk Mod. Located on the top of the bottle is an ULTEM notched cap that the juice channel connects to. This..
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Model: 7q0ony8x
VaporDNA™ Edition Gorilla Unicorn Refillable E-Juice Bottle - 30 mlCarry your favorite e-liquid in style with the VaporDNA™ Gorilla Unicorn Refillable E-Juice Bottle, complete with a huge 30 ml of E-Juice capacity! One side of the bottle features a high quality VaporDNA™ print while extra thick wall..
Ex Tax:$2.99
Model: jgoxt8hw
VPDAM Flavorist V2 20ml Refill BottleThe Flavorist V2 Refill Bottle by VPDAM is a 20ml stainless steel bottle that stores e-liquid. The top cap of the Flavorist V2 magnetically attaches itself to the bottle while the tip utilizes a spring for easy filling. Located on the refill bottle is a glass sec..
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Model: ddkzmvob
Wotofo Easy Fill Squonk CapThe Wotofo Easy Fill Squonk Cap is for use with bottom fed devices only. It allows a 60ml or 100ml E-liquid bottle to connect to the 510 connector of a bottom feeding device and refill the squonk bottle directly. It is constructed with a light, food grade aluminum and has ..
Ex Tax:$9.99
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