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KILO E-Liquids is a vape juice company out of Southern California, known for for their flagship flavors like Dewberry Cream and Cereal Milk, as well as their KILO 1K Pod System.
Model: z3ih8c6q
Kilo 1K Replacement Pods - 4 PackPlease Select Flavor and Strength from Drop Down MenuKilo 1K pods is a pack of 2.0ml pre-filled pods, and is mated to the Kilo 1K Ultra Portable Kit. The e-liquid within each pod measures 45 milligrams in nicotine, providing a stronger experience as compared to the c..
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Model: xjv8zbrw
Kilo 1K Ultra Portable DeviceKilo introduces the 1K, an all in one close pod system aimed at providing a premiere combination of portability, ease of use, and a rich flavor ecosystem with a striking chassis and a plug and play Pod system. The 1K features a striking chassis with sharp lining and futu..
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