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Plain Tobacco

Take a peek at our best selling Plain Tobacco E-Liquids designed with a wide range of tobacco notes. Specifically created for the States that have imposed a Flavor Ban.
Model: j6l5dlry
Mr. Salt-E E-liquid Salts - Tobacco - 30mlMade in the USAMr. Salt-E Tobacco is a perfect tobacco blend that goes perfect with your favorite all day vape. Available in 25 and 45 milligrams of nicotine. Read More goforvape handmade ni80 pre built alien coil 0 25ohm 5 wraps 2pcs Click Here Freemax G..
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Model: d9mviu0q
Nic Salt Gost Vapor - Tobacco - 30mlNic Salt Gost Vapor E-Liquid Tobacco is a full-bodied, rich tobacco that will satisfy any connoisseur. Tobacco is the finest blend known to man, and your taste buds will beg you for more. Available in 59 milligrams of nicotine. For More Products, Please Click It m..
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