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Mesh RDAs & RTAs

Mesh coils are commonly found in Sub-Ohm Tanks, however there are available Rebuildables that utilize this coils. Wotofo and Vandy Vape are prime examples with the Wotofo Profile RDA and the Vandy Vape LIT RDA.
Model: dmhonz5b
Digiflavor Mesh Pro 25mm RDADigiflavor introduces their new and innovative RDA, the Mesh Pro, a 25mm rebuildable atomizer with dual invisible clamp style postless build deck that is compatible with both mesh wire and standard wires. Its unique dual invisible clamp style postless build deck has two 1..
Ex Tax:$39.99
Model: tcca8ojb
Digiflavor Themis 25mm Dual Coil Deck RTADigiflavor introduces the Themis, a 25mm diameter rebuildable tank atomizer with top airflow and quarter turn top fill system. The Themis is a top fill system with two large fill ports that is capable of holding up to 5mm of E-Liquid. The postless, quad termi..
Ex Tax:$36.99
Model: mo6dizee
Vandy Vape Kylin M 24mm Mesh RTAThe Kylin Rebuildable Tank Atomizer by Vandy Vape is back with a bang! Now accommodating mesh coils, the Kylin continues to avidly bring users amazing flavor and cloud production. Unlike the Kylin M's predecessors, this RTA features top airflow for amazing flavor and ..
Ex Tax:$54.99
Model: q3mp8g51
Vandy Vape Lit 24mm BF RDAVandy Vape introduces the Lit 24mm BF RDA, a atomizer that is capable of being utilized as a bottom fed dripping atomizer, a single post spring loaded dual clamp style build deck, dual style rhombus airflow system, and measures at 24mm diameter. The Lit 24 has a 7mm deep ju..
Ex Tax:$41.99
Model: 799r7ifl
Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm BF RDAWotofo has collaborated with Mr.JustRight1 to bring you the Profile 24mm BF RDA. Minimalist in design and feature-packed in engineering, this rebuildable atomizer produces genre defining flavor with a user friendly building experience. The Profile simplifies..
Ex Tax:$39.99
Model: ias91mmm
Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 x TVC Profile Unity 24mm RTAWotofo has collaborated with Mr.JustRight1 and The Vaping Chronicle to bring the future of rebuildable tank atomizers, the Profile Unity 25mm RTA. Retaining its minimalist design and feature-packed in engineering, the Profile Unity produces genre de..
Ex Tax:$49.99
Model: lssdjnws
YSTAR Wolverine 24mm BF RDAThe YSTAR Wolverine 24mm BF RDA is an extremely versatile rebuildable atomizer that is capable of either a single, dual, or mesh coil builds. The YSTAR Wolverine utilizes a postless quad terminal build deck with six mounted screws, a 24k plated build, making creative vapor..
Ex Tax:$39.99
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