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Mesh Replacement Coils

Mesh Coils are the latest and hottest technology in vaping heating elements. Using mesh coils gives amazing flavor and cloud production from vape juices.
Model: 3n7i2d6r
ADVKEN Manta Mesh Replacement CoilPlease select your resistance from the drop down menu. The ADVKEN Manta Mesh Replacement Coil five (5) replacement coil units; Each Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank replacement coils are rated at 0.16 ohm, capable of 60 to 80W and 0.2 ohm, capable of 50 to 70W. Internally t..
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Model: ngtr5lt2
Artery Nugget GT Replacement CoilsArtery Nugget GT Replacement Coils are designed for the Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod System. Available in two variations, the 0.4 ohm XP Coil and the 0.15 ohm XP Coil. These coils are designed specifically for the Nugget GT Starter Kit and deliver smooth and flavorful v..
Ex Tax:$18.99
Model: 23ktuvcx
Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement CoilThis listing is for Five (5) Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement Coil.The Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 replacement coils are to be used with the Artery x Tony B Project PAL 2 Replacement Pod. The PAL 2 uses two types of coils, a 1.2 ohm coil head ..
Ex Tax:$18.99
Model: uxrdiliu
Aspire Breeze NXT Replacement Mesh CoilsThe Aspire Breeze NXT Replacement Coils are compatible with the Aspire Breeze NXT Pod System. Each of these coils feature a mesh strip heating element which is designed to improve e-liquid flavor, giving users a flavorful and long lasting vaping experience. Av..
Ex Tax:$14.95
Model: e4ekwaja
Aspire Cleito 120 Replacement CoilPlease select your resistance level and quantity from the drop down menu.The Aspire Cleito 120 Replacement Coils utilize Aspire's Maxi Watt coil, deploying a clapton structure wicked by pure organic cotton, and is now rated at 0.16 ohms to allow for class leading ou..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: guzay7r7
Aspire Cleito Replacement CoilPlease select your resistance level and quantity from the drop down menu.The Aspire Cleito Replacement Coil features varying designs of heating materials that feature full organic cotton in two configurations, with a 0.2 ohm coil that has a range of 55 to 70W and a 0.4 ..
Ex Tax:$17.99
Model: wpadm49f
Aspire Nautilus XS Replacement CoilAspire Nautilus XS Replacement Coils are designed for the Nautilus XS 22mm Vape Tank. Which is found in the Aspire Rover 2 Starter Kit. The Nautilus XS replacement coils are available in a 0.7ohm Mesh coil best at 18 to 22W, 1.5ohm U-Tech MTL coil best at 14 to 20W..
Ex Tax:$18.99
Model: 4yamma3m
Aspire Odan Mesh Replacement CoilsThe Aspire Odan Replacement Coils are designed specifically for the Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank. There are two styles of replacement coils featuring a 0.2 ohm and 0.3 ohm atomizer resistance. Both styles utilize a single mesh coil for optimum flavor. This replacem..
Ex Tax:$16.99
Model: 2tpg628a
Aspire Tigon Vape Pen Replacement CoilPlease select your resistance from the drop down menu. The Aspire Tigon Replacement Coil comes with five (5) replacement coil units; Each Tigon Tank replacement coils are rated in either 0.4 ohm, capable of 23 to 28W and 1.2 ohm, capable of 10 to 12W. Internally..
Ex Tax:$13.95
Model: l1vslvf5
Asvape Micro Replacement CoilsThe Asvape Micro replacement coils are compatible with the Asvape Micro Pod System. Each of these coils feature mesh strips which are designed to improve e-liquid flavor and cloud production, giving users a pure and long lasting vaping experience. With the use of stainl..
Ex Tax:$20.95
Model: oy89wz2z
Augvape Intake Replacement CoilsAugvape Intake Replacement Coils are designed for the Augvape Intake Sub-Ohm Tank and the Augvape VX217 Starter Kit. Each Mesh Replacement Coil features a built-in kanthal mesh coil with an atomizer resistance of 0.15 ohm, and a Clapton Mesh Coils with an atomizer res..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: me3kb4o2
Augvape Skynet Pro Replacement Coil Pack The Augvape Pro Replacement Coil Pack contains three (3) replacement coil units; The Skynet Pro Sub-Ohm Tank replacement coils consists of a 0.15 ohm triple mesh coil head, capable of 90 to 120W, and the 0.2 ohm double mesh coil head, capable of 65 to 100W. I..
Ex Tax:$21.99
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